event planning with zen digital la

Thank you for partnering with Zen Digital LA. We are excited to get started! This page is designed to answer questions about how we will communicate and manage event planning.


Work hours: Monday - Friday, 7am - 4pm

Communication hours: Monday - Friday, 7am - 4pm

Meeting Days: Tuesdays and Wednesdays are preferred.

how does zen digital la help you?

We are here to support you at any step of your event planning process. From brainstorming to event support, we’ve got you covered. Here is just a simple list of where you might need our support:

  • Event Creation

  • Working with the CJS Team

  • Working within approved budget

  • Venue and date selection

  • Event Promotions and Marketing

  • Event Branding/Collateral

  • Determine needs for the event

  • Identify and hire all vendors

  • Final prep and on-site assistance if needed

tips for successful event planning

Know your budget.

It is always best to have an exact budget instead of a range. We find that sometimes the high end of a range ends up being too expensive. It’s easier to work with a specific limit. We can work with you to itemize your budget so you feel comfortable with spend.

Start BIG, then let’s get real.

We all might have a different idea of what the event should be, but it is important to plan the event that is actually possible. It’s always easier to edit than add so drafting your dream event is important. Once we have the ideal event planned, we can focus on what the budget can accommodate for and your priorities.


We know, not another spreadsheet, please! We promise we won’t regret being as organized as possible, especially when it comes to the budget. We will work with you to keep everything organized so we always find what we need.


We’ve taken the time to plan the perfect event, the balloons are set, and the food is ready to serve. Let’s make sure we get people through the door. Besides planning all of the little details, we will need to make sure to have a plan to distribute flyers, promote the event, and get people excited about. This might be a combination of multiple efforts.


The event was a success! On to the next! Not so fast.

It is important to have a quick debrief on what went right and what needs to be improved for the next event. This will allow us to learn more about our planning process and more importantly how the community reacted to the event.


Will you be there to help us on the day of event?

If you’ve requested support, of course we will be there! We only ask that you let us know well in advance. We like getting our hands dirty, so we will help in any way we can.

I thought of something else we can do, can we make changes?

There is no simple answer to this. If it affects contracted vendors and deposits have been paid, we won’t be able to make changes. If it means adding a little something and the budget is available, we can accommodate. Our job is to make sure we are keeping things organized and moving the project along.

How do we get started?

Our first step will be to schedule a call so we can discuss the event with your internal stakeholders. We ask that you choose 2-3 people to lead an event. More people can be involved, but we ask that your event leads consolidate notes and requests so that we can be as efficient as possible. Please email Paulina to set up a meeting.